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UHQ Wallpapers fully appreciates and implements the DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In order for you to notify to us about any infringement (s) “You must be the rightful owner of the imagery or textual content mistakenly shared on UHQ Wallpapers or authorized to act on behalf of the original content owner, have the extended right to act under copyrights act by emailing it at contact.

Steps to notify Copyright infringements to UHQ Wallpapers:

In order to let us know of the pirated content please follow the process and we will act swiftly to eradicate it.

  • Please let us know wallpaper title or URL and your cause for concern, whether it being your own wallpaper you’ve created and do not wish to share or may it be something you might find explicit, unethical, inappropriate etc. We will disable the access to that particular URL or remove it altogether depending on the content, ensuring that identified infringed content is no more available for public access or consumption.
  • Please provide complete contact details.